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Friday, November 2, 2012

I Wanna Be A Billionaire: Random Object Friday

Mario and I had this custom on our dates before we were married to drive around these absolutely gorgeous neighborhoods and daydream about one day owning one. Of course we knew that in reality that would probably never happen, but still, we liked the idea of the dream.

If in some wickedly awesome twist of fate we won the lotto one day though, then THAT would be awesome. And I know just which house I would pick! No friends, this post is not to announce that we have won the lotto- sadly. From time to time though we do try!

I'm not very good at it though, this whole winning the lotto things. In fact, I'm terrible at it. I'm the type of girl that gets easily frustrated with complicated directions and much prefer the lotto tickets with the numbers you scratch off that match the prize. No match no win- simple. But then Mario turns around and buys me this ticket. With LETTERS! Letters and more than like 17 steps to try and figure out whether or not I won 10 dollars. The results? A ticket completely scratched off out of sheer impatience that wasn't supposed to be completely scratched off but I didn't know it until I read all the way through instruction number 17.

It's been sitting on my counter for a while now and I'm kind of embarrassed to take it into the liquor store so they can scan it and finally tell me whether or not I won anything on the darned thing. So for lack of a better use of it we'll just make it this weeks Random Object Friday.

Happy Friday everyone!


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