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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thank You Notes and Response Protocols

A few days ago I received a really nice "Thank You" note in the mail from a friend of mine who lives in Texas and my immediate reaction was to send her a FB message essentially saying thank you for the thank you card.

Now I don't know what the (or if there even is an) appropriate response protocol one should follow upon receiving a really nice thank you note- due in great part to my Mexican mother who never EVER sent out thank you notes- but if there is one, somebody seriously needs to school me! And fast, because this week I received the sweetest most beautiful heartwarming thank you note. And if seeing my photos in print makes me smile, seeing them attached to a lovely note from a beautiful bride makes me absolutely warm fuzzied all inside and out!

And as I obviously lack a proper "Thank You" card response protocol, I hope this blog post along with a HUGE thank you right back will do ;) Georgiana and Steven you guys are the bestest!! (view their wedding here)  



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