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Friday, October 19, 2012

Birthday Presents and Getting Older: Random Object Friday

So yesterday was my birffday. I turned twenty three, five... I'd rather not say. Lets just say this birthday had me buying stuff like pore refining toner at the drug store and Googling "collagen producing foods" from my iPhone in front of the mirror as I did my makeup.

Yes, I've come to the realization that my youth is slowly fading. On a brighter note though, I got presents! So to keep things on a less depressing note on this weeks Random Object Friday why don't I just move right along and share those?... as I sit here with my pore refining mask on...tear.

First off I got TOMS! I LOVE them and how comfy they are on my toes.

Remember that post about my aging foot from a few days ago? Well guess what I got?? Yes take THAT baby spider veins! 

I got a cute purse too, thank you momma!

And last but not least, me and the baby daddy finished my birthday off with a delicious Cuban dinner complete with guava cheesecake and my favorite, banana plantains. Thank you love! 

PS: I promise my face makeup totally matched my neck and arms in person. Or maybe not- in which case I totally blame my lack of collagen!


  1. wow ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! hope u had a wonderfull day y que tengas muchos muchos mas al lado de tu familia y futura familia(baby)..just a fallower of ur work ... GOD BLESS YOU..xoxox

  2. Aww thank you so very much for your sweet comment and wishes! :)


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