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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Abalone Cove Palos Verdes Engagement: Melissa & Andrew

The details of their first meeting are... uhmmm... a little multifaceted and- as I'm sure Melissa and Andrew would agree- not the most important. For simplicity's sake we'll just say they met through mutual friends. It was at a party that at first neither of them were too enthused to attend. But from the moment Melissa laid eyes on Andrew the attraction was undeniable, and according to Andrew, very much reciprocated.

Through the wonderful world of Facebook they kept in touch after the party and soon exchanged numbers arranging their very first date soon after. From the beginning the views of the beach have played a big part of their love story. Their first date was a lovely walk along the beach with Starbucks cups in hand and warm conversations int he air. "He was just sooo easy to talk to, it felt like everything just... flowed" Melissa recounts with a huge smile.

A few weeks after their first date, atop a beautiful cliff with breathtaking views of the ocean, Andrew fell hard. With Melissa beside him they watched as the sun set. Holding her close to him there in that moment he knew. "I knew right then and there that was it" he says.

Next Summer, atop another beautiful cliff, Melissa and Andrew will exchange vows. This time with an even more breathtaking view- each other as husband and wife.

Melissa and Andrew we looooved spending the afternoon with you two lovebirds taking your pretty picture! Abalone Cove was absolutely gorgeous and if your personalities are any indication of what your wedding day will be like I have no doubt it will be nothing short of amazing. Bestest wishes to both of you now, forever and always! :)




Work it Melissa!

Andrew carefully designed this ring for Melissa himself and I think he did a fabulous job!

Yes, he looked at her this way the entire shoot, I LOVED it!

To the Melissa on the right, git it gurrl!

And I'll end this post with one of Mario's shots. One of my absolute favorites from the day :)

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