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Monday, October 15, 2012

A Very Special Introduction

There are moments in life that I've dreamed of. That I've anxiously awaited with deep anticipation. That I've wanted so much more than anything else in the world.

Like the day I was finally allowed to wear makeup. It couldn't come soon enough. And then I went a little crazy with it, shaved drawn-in eyebrows and everything on my fourteen year old face. Or the day when I was finally old enough to drive a car. By myself. Snoop Dog blasting crazy from my speakers and I swear a three minute drive to Wal-Mart never felt so good.

Or the day when I finally met love. It came in the form of your daddy. And it hit me like a brick that everything I thought love was all of my foolish years before was so, so very far from the truth. And the day I married him was pretty amazing too. I'll show you pictures one day, my dress rocked!

Now- after having waited for so long, this moment is so perfect. Just like you. And by my side is your daddy. We're dreaming. Anxiously awaiting your arrival with deep anticipation more than anything, anything else in the world.

See you in April!

PS: World, we're having a baby!!!!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is the most beautiful thing to hear from you! I am sure your Mom is making sure that you are well cared for :) that is why mom's are there for, right. Take care Arleth, I look forward to meet your baby thru your pics. Are you still planning to go to Chiapas?... Whatever you decide just take care.
    Sincerely, Lilia

  2. Thank you Lilia! Yes my mom is becoming a crazy grandmother already haha. Yes we are still going to Chiapas in December and we're looking forward to going over there with our baby bump. :)Thank you so much again for your great wishes!

  3. Awwww congratulations, how many months are you? Yahira

  4. I'm almost four months Yari :)


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