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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little Something I'm Ashamed to Admit: Random Object Friday

I'm ashamed to admit it but it's true. I'm a wedding photographer, but much like the mechanic who fixes everyone else's car while his is broken or the housekeeper who keeps everyone else's home impeccable except for hers, I provide photographs for my couples to dress the pretty walls of their home while my walls? My walls don't hold a single photo of my own wedding. Sad right? I totally know!

I attribute this mostly to what Mario calls my pickyness. And just this once I must admit he is right. In my mind, until I have the perfect idea of what I envision a room in our house to look like and it's accompanied by the right paint on the walls, the right furniture and accent decor etc, I will utterly refuse to purchase a frame and print a photo enlargement because the room is not yet perfect nor ready for photos which are the final touch duh! And yes, I act this way with about 97 to 98% of everything I do. Go'head, feel bad for my husband.

Anywho, some of you might remember a few months ago I blogged about my sudden urge to redecorate our master bedroom. It's still not completely finished yet but after much thought and meditation I decided that one of our walls was finally ready for photos. So- after five years of marriage it's finally happened. Some of our wedding photos have made it to our walls! Go me! For this awesome personal wiffey accomplishment I give myself a nice big pat on the back ;)

Happy Friday!



PS: If you're bored and would like to check out more of my and Mario's wedding photos from our Villa de Amore wedding in Temecula feel free to click HERE.  

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