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Friday, September 21, 2012

Random Object Friday: He Pins

"Can I put that away somewhere?" I asked with a face that said something more like "I'm PUTTING that thing away somewhere!"

It's one of those husband/wife things I guess. I like to keep things neat and organized and Mario likes to keep things in the way "accessible". He's kind of a history buff, my husband, so every now and again he will conduct some type of research which will lead him to pin stuff on a map. Consequently leaving the map out on our bedroom floor until whenever he decides his research is finished.

That's Mario. I wonder sometimes if I should be as applied and in tune as him when it comes to history and things going on in this crazy world. Perhaps I would be a lot smarter and more "cultured". But by the time I'm done thinking I'll be logged on to Pinterest and something glittery and clearly FAR more important will have my attention haha!

Happy Friday!


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