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Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Object Friday And My Lack Of Wedding Etiquette

I'm going to a wedding today... and I'm not shooting it! I'm super excited cause I haven't been a guest at a wedding for a while and can't wait to sit back, relax and get jiggy wid'it on the dance floor. Yes I said get jiggy wid'it- don't hate on my Will Smith swagger.

Anywho, earlier this week I bought a dress for today but when I got home Mario said it was totally inappropriate. He read somewhere that it was in bad taste for female guests to wear the color red at a wedding. GUU-REAT. News to me! And I didn't even think it was red, it looked more like a deep orange in the store. So nooow thanks to Mr. Wedding Etiquette Expert here I'm scared I might get kicked out of the wedding before I have a chance to hit the dance floor. If I do though at least I'll do it in style wearing a dress that fits cause I even bought red thread to fix the hem. :(

Happy Friday!




  1. well i never heard of such a thing, but in any case if its "TRUE" go out in style and in somthing u like pls dont forget to post pictures of u and ur dress.. have a good time, enjoy yourself ,,,,,...... a follower of your blog.

  2. Exactly I've never heard of such a thing either haha! Thank you for your comment and I'll look through to see if I have any pics and be sure to post ;)


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