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Friday, August 3, 2012

Random Object Friday and Engagement Contest Results ;)

I was gonna write about my cool red airplane pillow and about how I plan to take it with me next time Mario and I go watch a midnight showing of our favorite movie cause' I always end up falling asleep in the theater, but I know none of you want to hear that. No, you all probably just want to find out who won the free engagement contest so I'll spare you the details of me and my theater comfortability preferences and just get to it.

The winners of the free engagement session are, dun, dun, DUN....Brianna & Danny! They have been together for 9 years since their Middle School days and I'm stoked to be able to take their pretty picture before they say I do next summer.

Congratulations to the two of you! And for the rest of you loyal Random Object Friday followers, here are a few of my pillow ;)

Happy Friday!



  1. Did u wash it before the pictures cuz i could have sworn i saw a speck of "REESEES PEANUT BUTTERCUP "lol... :0)

  2. Haha! That was most likely a Twix lol!


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