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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Newport Beach Engagement: Brianna & Danny

She was the girl his friend liked. And at 13 years old Danny caught a glimpse of her as his High School buddy pointed Brianna out as the girl he wanted to be with. Little did Danny's friend know that once Brianna caught a glimpse of Danny, a completely different love story would be written.

Brianna liked Danny immediately. And lucky for her, both her and Danny's older sisters were friends so it made it easy for them to connect outside of school. Between a few teenage, butterfly in stomach provoking telephone conversations and their time at school together it wasn't long before teenage puppy love sparks flew between the two.

Freshman year turned into Sophomore year and before they knew it, Senior year rolled around. And with the ups and downs, heartbreaking breakups and long awaited make-ups that teenage love brings, their more than 9 years together has brought their love into a beautiful maturity. One far surpassing puppy love. And one that I felt oh so lucky to catch a glimpse of as I shot their engagement photos last week.

Brianna & Danny congratulations on becoming the newest official ArlethG professional snugglers! Thank you for rocking it out for my camera and for making me fall a little more in love with what I do.  I have no doubt that your Laguna Beach wedding will be nothing short of amazing and a beautiful beginning for the next chapter of your love!



You go'on with your flowy dress girl!

The bling...nice job Danny!


With many thanks to Ally with Hair and Makeup Glitz and Glam for a fab job on Brianna's makeup!

Danny's proposal consisted of tricking Brianna into an early morning trip to Newport beach to "shop" at a nearby store that was supposedly having a sale that day. He took her to lifeguard tower number 24 and it was there that he got down on one knee. We HAD to snag a few shots in front of this special place ;) 

...and I'll end this post with this one...LOVE!

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