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Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Object Friday: Re-decorating Update :)

A few months ago I got the sudden urge to re-decorate. Like break down my bed, sand it down and repaint it along with my walls and make a thousand trips to Home Depot in a day kind of re-decorate. I was going strong for a few days with my paint brushes in hand and what not, and I'm pretty proud of how much I was able to get done in just a few days. But much like one of the other many projects I've taken on a whim, I got over it.  Sometimes I just get these bouts of excitement that only last a few days- don't judge me.

What's left now is a half finished bedroom with an orange vase that needs flowers, blinds that need changing and these...picture frames that will likely not be used or hung over our bed like they were intended to for another long, loooong while. up for re-decorating, my bathroom haha!

Happy Friday!


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