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Friday, July 6, 2012

Random Object Friday: How I Do a Sweet Tooth Fix

So I was craving chocolate. But because of my insatiable appetite for it and that of all other things sweet, I never keep my pantry stocked with those kinds of goodies. Except for that one time when I bought a triple layer chocolate cake and ate ALL of it with my sister and her tub of vanilla bean ice-cream. And that other time when I bought Pillsbury microwavable molten lava fudge cakes and ate ALL of them, again with my sister and her mini tubs of vanilla bean ice cream.

Today though, as I scoured my pantry for something remotely dessert like to feed my fiending sweet tooth I found no triple layer chocolate cake and no microwavable fudge cakes... but... I found this!!! Yes internet I went there. Big hexagon pellets of pure chocolate goodness melted into a pot of boiling milk is how my Mexican family does hot chocolate. And cutting out a slice of the hexagon for myself on a day like this is how I do a sweet tooth fix haha!

Happy Friday!




  1. how cliche' l.o.l looks so delicious ..xoxox

  2. Lol isn't it though haha! It really WAS delicious!


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