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Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Object Friday: Aztec Warrior!

Last Sunday I attended a low rider car show event for photographers in Los Angeles. It was a first of sorts for me because even though I have indubitable wanna be chola roots, I can't recall ever attending a low rider car show. Unless of course a Westside Connection concert in which there were some low rider cars present, counts.

The event was a far stretch from my usual sparkly, flower filled wedding world but I'm so glad I attended because I got to meet some great industry colleagues doing awesome things in their own realms of photography. I also got to get my practice on, you know, just in case Aztec Warrior and his Princess ever hire me to be their wedding photographer haha!      

All in all it was a pretty cool experience. Being out of my wedding comfort zone helped stretch my creativity and made me re-think how I can approach my own wedding photography differently. And anytime I can grow in my craft, I am thnkful :)

Happy Friday the 13th ya'll!



...some from the event 


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