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Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Object Friday

I never wear them cause' they're cute. Too cute. And I don't wanna get'em dirty. I will probably never ever make that statement about any other shoe EVER, but these bunny slippers deserve to be the exception cause' they're just so darned cute. I almost wanna snuggle with them. I said almost internet, almost!

I saw them in my closet today while on one of my many ant exterminating stints this week. Which by the way reminds me of how every summer my theory about our house being built on an ant farm seems more and more credible. I can't get rid of those little critters!

Any-who, these are my bunny slippers. And because today is Friday they are no longer just cute, but they're also...wait for it... random! Haha  ;)

Happy weekend!



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