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Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Object Friday and Why I'm a Sports Poser

I'm probably one of the biggest sports NON-enthusiast ever. At a picnic while everyone else is partaking in a good ole' fashioned game of softball or basketball, you will likely find me sitting on a nearby bench wishing I wasn't in my heels and hoping my butt doesn't get too dirty. Unless there's a food table around somewhere, in which case, you will likely find me sitting there. The truth is I'm not a big fan of sports. I'm just not good at them- or any other kind of anything that has to do with exercise for that matter. And I totally blame biggest sports NON-enthusiast ever number one, my dad.

There's something magical that happens though, when loud music, big screen TV's and super expensive junk food is added to the equation. In a sports arena, with my macho nachos in hand I'll morph into biggest sports enthusiast anyone has ever seen EVER and I even loose my voice cheering and clapping and screaming like I totally know what a foul is. And I say things like "Lakeshow Baby" in a deep wanna be thug voice. It's awesome!

Yea- I'm a total sports poser. But it's all good though cause' my kind of love for sports comes with souvenirs! Ones that I can feature on Random Object Fridays, holla!


Some shots of the towel we got as a souvenir at a Laker game earlier this week ;) 

(Deep thug voice) "Lakeshow Baby WHAAAT"

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