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Friday, May 4, 2012

Random Object Friday: Crusty Heels and A Little Lighting Tip ;)

It's been a while since I've posted a helpful mini photo tip here on the bloggity so for today's Random Object Friday post, I'm going to do just that ;) In advance though people, please excuse the crusty object I chose to photograph this week. My aim was to mimic an example of how I shoot the brides shoes on a wedding day but all I could find in my closet were old sweaty lookin' heels. And it totally reminded me of how much I want need to go shopping. NOT because I want new shoes but entirely for the sake of having a wider variety of non crusty heels to choose from for educational purposes such as this ;)

So on a wedding day my shoe shots always go a  little something like this:

1. Take shoes and place them in a location directly illuminated by natural or with natural light bouncing off of a reflective surface. Because I'm a natural light photographer I photograph all wedding details using a natural light source such as a window whenever possible. The photos below were all shot with window light coming in from my left side.

2. Style/position the shoes according to the shot I envision and want to capture. I also always try my very best to ensure that the images I capture for each of my brides is reflective of the entire feel of their wedding day so this includes styling the wedding details in such a way that make sense.

3. Adjust my settings and shoot away. All images below shot with a 16-35mm lens (quickly becoming one of my favorites). 200iso, f2.8 adjusting sor shutter speed as I moved around.

Happy Friday ya'll!


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