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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back Pains and Presents

I woke up on Saturday with a terrible lower back ache. Not from picking up anything heavy or pulling a muscle or anything that makes sense. Just a mysterious, unwelcome, weird lower back pain. And right when my dad started comparing his back ache to mine I realized just how much older I'm getting.

I hoped it was nothing and thought it would progressively get better throughout the weekend but it didn't. And walking around in 6 inch heels all day probably didn't help either, but whatever I'm short. So I stayed in bed all day Sunday, got a number of massages from my mother with Vicks Vapor Rub because Vicks Vapor Rub cures everything and then yesterday Mario came home with this. A little present for me. Because he loves me... and because he couldn't pass up a perfect opportunity to buy something from his favorite spot. The  As Seen On TV store!


PS: The Side Sleeper Pro Neck and Back Pillow makes me wish I was blonde and looked this good while sleeping!    

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