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Friday, April 6, 2012

Random Object Friday: Another One Of My Ideas

I'm sitting in the middle of a mess. And it's all because this week I had another idea. This time, it was an idea to redecorate. For some reason this week I convinced myself that the one thing I needed more than anything in the world besides cupcakes was dark paint on my walls, white paint on my furniture and a whole new and improved look to my master bedroom. All DIY... by me...and my mother... and my sister. AND occasionaly Mario during a crisis. Yea- my ideas somehow always end up working out that way.

My walls are all done now and the task of sanding and primering my furniture awaits me in the garage. Aside from the mess I gotta say that things are lookin' pretty shnazzy in here. I'm about 34% convinced I missed my calling as an interior decorator. The other 66% is thankful my arms and back don't ache the way they do right now on a daily basis so that percent wins!

Can't wait to post pictures of my new and improved dwelling place but for now here's a little sneak peek.

Happy Friday!


This will be sanded, primered and painted white to brighten up and contrast against my dark walls

This mess will be gone too!

....and so will all this blue

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