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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Website and Being Cool Enough

I had a specific feel in mind. And when I say feel I mean something so super cool and smack spot on to exactly what I had perfectly envisioned in my head that it would blow your mind! Yep, I was beginning the process of my new website redesign and being that I had so many ideas and... feelings I wanted to convey, I decided it would probably be best to hire a trained professional to design it. You know, for my own sanity's sake.

In my mind there was only one person who's company I knew without a doubt would be able to read between the lines of what I expressed and come up with a website design that was perfectly reflective of my style and new brand identity. Without a second thought I sent them an email. I was crushed when I found out that sadly they couldn't take on my project. It so happens that they only take on projects for a select type of client these days, and mine? Well mine didn't quite make the "cool" cut. Insert sad and total ego crushing pity party throwing face here.  

At the end of the day though, as a business owner myself, I totally get it. I understand a business owner's decision to want to transition from one type of client to another in order to move their business towards bigger and better things. I still love what they do and continue to be a huge fan. But while I work my own business from the sidelines, I patiently await the day when one day, I too will make the "cool" cut ;)

Sooooo, because I couldn't get my dream team on this project and because I'm slightly controlling and highly opinionated when it comes to everything my business brand, I resorted to plan B: banging my head against the desk for many a week as I redesigned my website myself. Luckily I use an awesome program called Showit for my website design and publishing so the process was made much less painful.  

Ladies and gents: I present to you the new face of ArlethG Photography!

I knew I wanted something that said subtle elegance in a way that was still cool and very modern and that called special attention to a brides beauty on her wedding day. I chose a color scheme, photos, fonts and words that I feel reflect this very much how I envisioned. 

A screen shot of the home page. Feel free to click on the image to visit the actual website ;)     

For the "About" page, I incorporated some of the images from the photo shoot we had with awesome photographer Edmund Prieto. They worked perfectly with the overall look and feel of the site and allowed me to be able to include Mario in a way that I think just looks cool. Something I hadn't done on the previous website.

For the wedding and engagement gallery pages, I kept the same scrolling gallery effect from the previous website but adapted it to fit the design of the new site.

Now this- this is a section I'm super excited about! I knew I wanted to incorporate client testimonials on the new site but I also wanted to highlight some of my past beautiful brides in a special way. I created a section called "Meet The Beauties" where I dedicate a section of the website to some of the beautiful brides who have graced the front of my camera along with some sweet words from each of them. 

There's are some other cool buttons and pages on the site so go check it out and tell me what'cha think!

Happy Thursday!


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