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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Random Object Friday: A Once In A Lifetime Journey

Happy Friday! It's that time of the week again and as you can tell by the Instagram photos below, this weeks Random Object Friday got lazy... again haha! It's alright though, cause this week you will all be able to enjoy an exciting and once in a lifetime journey through none other than... wait for it...wait for it... my gear bag- ahhh gasps! Oh come'on you know you're excited!

First stop: lenses ooooh. Here'es a peek at some of the babies I use to shoot my beautiful couples ;)  Aongst my faves are my 50mm 1.4 and my 16-35mm 2.8.

Next we have these amazing one of a kind vintage battery chargers (not really). They're what we use to juice up our flashes for a long night of reception shooting. Pretty awesome right? RIGHT??? 

And how can we forget our camera battery chargers? These babies give us the power! The power to shoot for hours! 

This lens makes me feel super legit. But after about an hour with this heavy thing on my camera my arm just about wants to give out.

And last but not least, my flash! I only pop this baby out at night for the reception photos but when I do, it lights up my life haha!

That wasn't so bad right? Ok maybe it was. For those of you who's last minute and a half of your life was just wasted, I'm sorry. I promise I'll try to do better next week! In the mean time, Happy Friday!


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