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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Disneyland and Behind The Scenes of My New Promo Video

It took my sleep for many weeks and the night before, I was super nervous. The weeks leading up to shooting the promotional video for my new website made my stomach butterfly up kinda the way it used to when I was a little girl counting down the days to go to Disneyland. Faltan TRES, only THREE more I would shout in Spanish. And then I would turn to my mom to confirm this was true.

With that same anticipation I walked into yesterday, where the most amazing team of friends and professionals met me in Los Angeles on the set of my new promotional video to make every single second of the shoot an incredible and unforgettable experience. Almost as good as Disneyland at nine haha!

Many many thanks and a big homie shout out must out go to Aldo, Josh and Jordan at Innovate Media! Thank you guys for your dedication, friendship and for letting me bring a little piece of your incredible talent to my business. I can't wait to see what you guys put together for me! A huge thank you must also go out to my beautiful couple Cassondra and Sam who lent their time and dashing good looks for this project. To the ever talented Ally with Hair and Makeup Glitz and Glam for a fabulous job on bridal hair and makeup, to the ooober fab Lettie Mix for an incredible job on my own hair and makeup, to Mario for his constant love and support with every one of my crazy ideas and last but definitely not least to my one and only sister slash behind the scenes picture taker, slash makeup toucher upper, slash bag carrier, slash slave for a day.

Thank you ALL for coming together with me on this project and I know this is going to sound totally and utterly cliche but really, I couldn't have done it without any of you.



Here's a lil' behind the scenes peek...

Aldo doing his thaaang

Aldo and Josh and their Canons

And this? This' how we petite women do!

My sister taking a sidewalk break 

The crew, me, and my wanna be gangsta deuces haha

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