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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Junkyness and Some Wednesday Inspiration

I'm a self declared wedding junkie. But if you follow this blog you already know this.

Every day during my work routine I take little breaks from my office work to peruse different wedding sites, and everyday I get lost for hours in a sea of pretty sparkly wedding things that make me say words like awww and swoon and oh my gosh I want that! It's an incurable disease really, which I thought would go away after planning my own wedding but four years later here I am. And if I could convince Mario that having a second wedding for our five year anniversary is perfectly normal and sooo what everyone else is doing, my life would be a little more complete.

Here's some inspiration from today's perusing of the Style Me Pretty Blog, an awesome resource for brides, and that second photo right there? Oh my gosh I want that!

All images from the Style Me Pretty Blog click on images to view full post.

Image from Style Me Pretty Blog

Image from Style Me Pretty Blog

Image from Style Me Pretty Blog

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