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Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Object Friday: Whitener that Makes Me Say Awwww!

Two days ago I had a vanity stroke. You know the kind that happen to a girl every so often and make her go over all the vain things about herself that need fixing? Yea well, I went down the list. I Need to workout- pff NEVER... I need new shoes...ooooh and some teeth whitener. Then I made an announcement out loud- I need teeth whitener! I peeled my teeth at Mario until I knew he understood the gravity of the situation, and then five minutes later I was over it.

Yesterday after he got home from work Mario gave me a hug and said there was a surprise for me in the bathroom. <------ But not in a weird way. He likes to surprise me by leaving presents on top of the bathroom counter...I don't know why but he does. I ran to the bathroom and there on top of the sink was a box of Valentine's Day chocolates. Next to it was a five minute teeth whitening kit. And really, I never thought teeth whitener could ever make me saw awwww. But it did! My husband's Vday gifts are sooo improving over that one time he got me a space pen!

Anywho- it seems my looove month is off to a pretty good start. I have the whitener, I have the chocolate... now I might just blurt out how much I neeeeeed a new pair of shoes and see what appears on my bathroom counter!


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