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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rosa & Ruben: Downtown Riverside Wedding

We'd been texting and emailing back and forth to get the final photography details in place before her wedding day. Rosa wasn't really too nervous about getting married. She just wanted for the flow of things during her big day to go as planned. And she had no reason to be nervous. That day she would be marrying her perfect match. The man who makes her smile. The man who on the morning of their wedding day, upon finding out there was a mishap with their reception centerpieces, made a special trip hours away to get Rosa everything she needed for her day to go as perfectly as she planned it. Just so she wouldn't have to make the drive herself. And that right there? That certifies him as a dream groom in my book!

Rosa and Ruben I hope you're having the best time settling into your new home in Hawaii. And really, we just might take you up on that invite to come visit! Thank you for closing out our 2011 wedding season in style. Nothing but best wishes your way in your new life as husband and wife!


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