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Friday, January 6, 2012

Random Object Friday: My Makeup Bag

I'm often asked what my beauty secrets are- just kidding. I never get asked that. But today I thought i'd share some of what's in my makeup bag anyway, you know, in the spirit of random object Friday-ness AND in case anyone out there was thinking of asking me just how I achieve such flawless beauty. Haha I kid internet I kid!

I recently discovered the wonderfulness that is benefit cosmetics. I am in love with their Hoola bronzer and High Beam Highlighter. Subtle and classy glow for an everyday look. And bamm! I just came up with their new tagline!

For the eyes or a light face shimmer, the after glow shimmer by Too Faced in Lust.
 And to top off a pretty pucker, one of my favorites these days is Victoria Secret's lip gloss in blush. I love that this one is more of a matte color and has no shimmer to it.

In other vain news, I'm looking for a new face makeup and I'm thinking of going with Makeup Forever. Any good recommends ladies? Drop'em below. This sistah wants to go shopping this weekend!

Happy Friday!


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