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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cost Saving Wedding Flower Ideas and a Cool DIY Bouquet Project

An amazing choice of floral arrangements will most certainly add the WOW factor to any wedding, and as a result, will also translate into amazing wedding photos. With the fast growing trend of creative brides opting to add personal DYI touches to their weddings, these days, with a little bit of elbow grease and creativity that same WOW factor a beautiful choice of natural floral arrangements brings can now be achieved in a myriad of ways. Many of them being much more cost effective and just as beautiful or at times even more beautiful than traditional natural flowers.

Above right: paper flower bouquet
Image from The Wedding Chicks Blog
Ventola Photography
Now, I'm not saying that brides should completely opt out of having natural flowers on their wedding day. However if a chic and elegant look is what is desired by the bride but the budget for a large order of expensive natural flowers doesn't exist, a bride should know she has other options to still achieve the beautiful look she dreams of. 

Above: paper flower bouquet
Image from the wedding Chicks Blog
Ventola Photography

Above: paper flower bouquets
Image by Stephanie Faye Photography
In the past week alone I've come across at least five posts in various wedding blogs and online bridal resources highlighting absolutely gorgeous weddings all using beautiful paper or fabric alternatives to natural flowers. I was blown away by how beautiful their decor looked in photos despite the fact that they didn't spend thousands of dollars on it and decided I had to share it on here for my bride readers out there! You know, just in case you're looking for some creative ways to cut wedding costs in these crazy economic times. :)

Image from Martha Stewart Weddings Website
If this is you then you'll love the link I'm about to share! I found a cool DYI fabric bouquet "how to" instructional on the Martha Stewart Weddings Blog. It gives step by step instructions on how to create the beautiful ribbon and fabric flower bouquet on the right. Check it out HERE and Happy Crafting!  


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