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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Object Friday: Old School iPhone Cover

Ok so I have to apologize in advance for this weeks lazy post. I was totally bed ridden this week- dying! No really I was, from a terrible head cold. And then my mom got a hold of me with her Vix Vapor Rub and thirty minutes later I was covered in it from head to toe. Total walking talking eucalyptus plant, I was.

So due to this weeks illnesses and what not, here is this weeks lazy random object. With huge thanks to my Instagram! Mario came home with this old school iPhone cover for my phone yesterday. And I kinda love it. Reminds me of middle school when I used to record my favorite songs on tape from the radio so I didn't have to buy them. DJ talking over the songs to introduce them and errrthang! Haha! Yup, my pre-iPod peeps know what I'm talking bout'!  Any other graduating class of 98' middle schoolers out there, holla! Wow I totally just aged myself. I'll stop talking now.

Happy Friday!



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