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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Inspiration For Bringing Sexy Back

More and more these days, brides are opting for a sleeker more modern take on the old traditional styles when it comes to their wedding days. Gone are the days of puffy unflattering ball gowns with overdone rhinestone sequences and slicked back hair with overly sprayed perfectly stiff curls wrapped in princess tiaras. The modern bride of today has given tradition the proverbial boot and is instead bringing sexy back with a vengeance to the wedding scene. And me? I absolutely love it!

Anthropologie is one of the many trendy stores that has taken notice of the current wedding trends and now offers a complete wedding line catering to the the modern bride through their BHLDN line. I'm absolutely smitten with it and have, at times, contemplated divorcing Mario ONLY to marry him again and plan awesome wedding number two! I kid internet, I kid! I would NEVER. Unless of course I had an unlimited budget to plan awesome wedding number two... again kidding! But in the spirit of bringing sexy back I thought I'd share some inspiration on the bloggity today for all you modern brides out there planning your big day. Some of my fave head pieces from the BHLDN site . Yes they are a wee bit on the pricey side but can definitely serve as inspiration for a little DIY head piece project. Check out more cool wedding inspiration on their site HERE.

Oh and if you have some other cool wedding sites to share, please remember that sharing is caring! Feel free to post them in the comment box below or on my Facebook wall. :)

Happy Surfing!


All images below courtesy of the BHLDN site.

Probably one of my top favorites. Simple and elegant.

If I could rock boho-chic this would sooo be my pick!

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