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Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Object Friday: Love and Cinnabon

I've been on a late night sweet tooth kick this whole week. But no, contrary to my sister's predictions and my mothers fervent prayer requests, I am not pregnant. I just happen to have a passionate on again off again love affair with the top of food group pyramid. And this week? Me and Mr. pyramid top have been on!

Midnight pralines and cream ice cream scoops, Mexican bread servings and these. The sweet temptations brought to me by none other than my mother. The Cinnabon Queen!  A few years ago when my mother first discovered Cinnabon, she went there so often that my dad dubbed her Cinnabona. And my sister? She soon followed in her addiction and was dubbed Cinnabonita. On a recent trip to the mall, Cinnabona and Cinnabonita brought into my kitchen this box of mini's. And I'm just waiting to see what nickname my dad gives me when he finds out I plan to finish the entire box!

Happy Friday!


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