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Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Object Friday: Eating With One Chopstick

It's Friday! Yay! I'm still enjoying a nice little vacay with my hubbs in a little piece of paradise called St. Thomas but I didn't want to leave this weeks Random Object Friday without, well, a random object.  Soooo- I brought my laptop with me so I could post from the hotel, (and so I could log into Facebook occasionally). I'm just so addicted responsible right?

Anyway, this weeks random object is not so random. It was actually a very lovely gift from one of my even lovelier brides, LJ, who's engagement you may have recently seen on the blog. LJ, is originally from the Philippines but recently moved to the US permanently to marry the love of her life, John. You can read a little more about their story here. Before permanently moving to the US LJ worked as a producer and host for 702 DZAZ, a popular Christian radio station in the Philippines. Through her inspirational radio program she touched the lives of many, but it's through her most recent endeavor, her recently published book, that she desires to bring hope to those who, like her, once felt were stuck in a hopeless situation. That's right, LJ is also a published author, holla!!

Her book entitled Eating With One Chopstick tackles the subjects of single parenting and the struggles of being raised in a single parent home, from an autobiographical point of view. In her book, LJ shares her story. A personal account of her life, the pain and struggles caused by the absence of an earthly father and the victory she found when she finally encountered her Heavenly Father- The Father to the fatherless- Jesus. And it's that hope that she desires to share with the world.

From the first few pages I was already teary eyed. I might just be a crier but- whatever. In between my tanning sessions by the beach here I open it up and read. And cry. And I can't wait to finish it! The book is still only available in the Philippines but when it's available in the US, because I know one day it WILL be, look out for it. Eating With One Chopstick by LJ Salceda. And it looks a little something like this:

Happy Friday!

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