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Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Object Friday: Chola Bling

My mom found this little piece while doing some cleaning this week. Mario saw it and exclaimed from the room, "Oh my god Arleth! This should be your random object!" He had indeed, gotten me back.

Let me backtrack for a second. Earlier this week I found a gold chain that Mario used to wear when we first started dating. Chain that I kinda-ok, strongly disliked. I mean who wears real gold right? That's like sooo 90's! (Ok, not entirely but some pieces should have been left in the 90's) Anyway I asked Mario to please not start wearing it again, to which he scoffed at as I implied that my taste in jewelry was clearly better than his. 

AND THEN, my mom finds THIS! A gold chain that I used to wear back in my wanna be chola days. In my defense it was totally the 90's so I'm partially excused. Plus I didn't really think straight through most of my teenage years. Gold chains with your name hanging from round your neck were all the rage amongst Mexican kids in 98'. You know, to remind people what they should call us...or something. Accompanied by painted eyebrows and an extremely flammable scrunched up do is how we did middle school. The chola bling was like the cherry on top haha!

Happy Friday!


And this photo? Well it can only be described in three words: Oh-Em-Gee!
I could totally pass as somebody's hyna right haha!

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  1. damn, girl. you can pass as a goddess. i like the hairdo!


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