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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Different Perspective: Ecleia & Arthur Wedding

A few weeks ago I got to thinking. And after about 7 minutes of that I decided something. I wanted to become a second shooter. Not like permanently or anything but just enough to gain some experience as one and learn to view and approach a wedding from a completely different perspective.

You see since the inception of my business I've only ever been a first shooter, or lead photographer, with Mario backing me up as my second. And it's worked wonderfully for us! We've been truly blessed to have built a portfolio we're proud of without any second shooting involved. Insert HUGE shout out to our early models HERE! I guess you could say we've done things a little backwards so I guess this was me trying to make up for it.

A few minutes after I posted my information on an online photography forum I got a message from the lovely Elise with Studio 327. She gave me my very first second shooting gig and suddenly I felt all cool n' stuff. Like I had reached a new level of photo cool. Never mind that nobody else responded lol! I second shot my very first wedding alongside her last Sunday and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity. Elise thank you so much for the chance and for trusting me with you beautiful couple's photos!

Here are a few that I hope will make Mario, my second shooter proud...and a little jealous too lol!


With many thanks to Elise with Studio 327 on first shooter duty
Brett Erskine with Premiere Weddings Videography shooting the gorgeous footage of the day
The awesome Live Jazz Band Sugah Daddy keeping everyone movin' on the dance floor
And all the wonderful staff at the Champions Club Retreat running a flawless day

On a typical wedding day as a first shooter I'm with the bride the entire time as she gets ready while Mario is with the guys. On Sunday I got to hang out with the guys which was awesome! Totally a first for me and it challenged me to think differently as I approached each shot.


  1. You did an amazing job and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to have met and worked with you! ;) KIT

  2. Hi! This is Ecleia (the bride) You did an great job!! I loved your pics! There is 1 or 2 pics from this album that I think I haven't seen and I loved...if you have more...please fell free to send me! And again! I loved the pictures!! great job! thanks!

  3. Hi Ecleia! I'm so sorry I just saw your comment today. I had lot's of fun assisting Elise and I'm so glad to hear you liked your photos! Let me know wich photos you would like from this post and will send them on over to you. ;)


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