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Monday, August 1, 2011

Tutorial: Customizing Facebook Welcome Tab for "Like" Page

The other day I was finally able to customize my Facebook Welcome Tab. Extra legit points for me woot woot! Yes I give myself extra legit points and toot my own horn on occasion. Anywho- the customization of my FB welcome tab is a task I had taking up a line on the top of my to do list for a while. With a little star marked next to it for extra importance (legit points are very important to me you see). But every time I tried figuring out how to do it my non-tech-savyy ways wouldn't let me and I would just get confused and quit.  But because I'm not a quitter I tried again for like the 67th time and finally did it. 

I thought I would share a small tutorial on how I customized my FB welcome tab, you know, in case there are others out there like me who are about as tech savyy as a brick. And who might also enjoy legit points and tooting their own horn on occasion.

Note: You must have a web hosting account

1. Create the JPG artwork you would like to utilize. I used Photoshop to create mine in dimentions 5x5.63 (don't ask me where I got those dimensions they just happened to work for me) 
2. Upload the finished JPG to your web host. I have a SHOWIT website so I simply dragged the JPG into the media folder
3. Log into your facebook page
4. Type "Static FBML" into your search engine on FB and on the bottom left click "Add to my page" Note: make sure you're not adding to your page favorites instead. I did this and it took me a while to figure out what the heck was wrong.
5. Select your "like" page
6. The app you need to customize your page should have now successfully been added to your "like page"
7. Next, go to your "like" page and on the top righ hand corner click "Edit Page"
8. On the far left hand side list click the "Apps" option
9. In your menu, locate the "Welcome FBML" App and right beneath it click "go to app"
10. A screen will appear giving you the option to rename your app in the line called "Box Title.  I simply renamed mine "Welcome" but you can name it what you what you wish.
11. Beneath that line there will be space for you to enter the appropriate html code to display the image you created in step 1. Copy the following html code into that space: Unfortunately my blog reads the htm code and tries to convert it into an image but email me and I will send you the code. I will also include it in the FB comments under the FB link to this post. Sorry about that!   
12. replace the XXXX's in the html code with the URL to your image that was uploaded into your web hosting account in step 2.
13. Click "save changes" and voila!

I hope this helped at least one! Happy Monday!


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