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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amie + Larry: Downtown San Diego Engagement

It's funny how life works sometimes. How there's a time and season for everything. How the person you will one day marry can grow up living right up the street from you and you don't even know it. Never crossing each other's paths- until it's the right time. Such was the case for Amie and Larry. Growing up litterally minutes from eachother they had never met.

Until they finally did! Ok, so maybe it wasn't exactly the right time because, well Amie had a boyfriend. Or maybe it was. But whatever the case, those days Amie would turn down all of Larry's "friendly" invites to watch his band play. All while starting to crush on him. Fast forward some time and minus the boyfriend, everything fell into place. And after combating a few overly enthusiastic band groupies for Larry's love, Amie's secured her place in Larry's heart. Forever.

Like I said- It's funny how life works sometimes!  

Amie & Larry we are sooo excited to be documenting your wedding this November! Thank you so much for bringing us along for the ride!


Work it out guurl!

A random couple walked accross our session mid shot and I don't know whay but I kinda love this picture.

Larry is an all around creative guy. He's a musician, graphic designer and can also whip up a mean batch of guacamole I hear. He's designing their "save the dates" and wanted some framed, off centered images. Larry I hope we gave you some shots you can use!

A shot suggestion I looved from the groom. From the sneak peek...

Amie is more of the romantic type so girl these types of shots are for you!

Loooved this little corner we found!

That's right enthusiastic band groupies. MAA MAN!

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