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Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Object Friday: Short Tem Memory Loss And The Word

Yesterday I lost my phone. For a few hours. Inside my house. Happens to me often, losing things I just held in my hand only five minutes before. Yes, unexplained short term memory loss is something I've long suffered from. And after spending a week in Colorado with family I've come to the conclusion it's totally hereditary.

Luckily my sister was over so I had her call my phone so I could find it. And tell my WHY did I have it on vibrate? I was alone in my house! Pehaps I was afraid to wake the neighbors or something. Or maybe I'm just strange. Which is also totally hereditary. Anyway, after a few tries I was able to locate the buzzing from the vibrating phone somewhere in my kitchen. After searching the cabinets, drawers and even the fridge I turned my attention to our kitchen table. And the buzzing was getting closer. Tell me WHY was my phone tucked nicely inside the pages of Mario's bible on the kitchen table? I don't even remember going near there that morning after checking my phone. Weird.

And then later I get a text from Mario asking me to snap and email a few photos of his bible to him. So then I thought this could only mean one thing. The Lord Almighty was trying to tell me something. And that was that he wanted to be in this weeks random object Friday. Yes, that was it- I have prophesied!
It's only the three photos I took for Mario so it's short and sweet but on a more serious note, this book here is torn, worn and written on like crazy by Mario. It sits on the kitchen table every morning after he reads it before leaving to work. And I am certain it's solely responsible for shaping and forming him into the amazing man he is. big ups to thaa Word!
Happy Friday!


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