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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kristin & Marshall: Marina Village, San Diego Wedding

He is the calm. And he compliments her. She is the one who has never been afraid to have an opinion. Out loud if need be her friends will say. And in a very different yet perfect way she compliments him. 

Kristin and Marshall's paths crossed some years ago at a Bible study where the start of something beautiful took place. And last Saturday, as the ocean breeze played soft circles in her hair they looked into the eyes of their best friend, and there under the palm trees, promised love. Forever. 

Kristin & Marshall I hope your surprise honeymoon getaway was everything you hoped for and more! Thank you for being so amazing and trusting us even to the point of getting nitty and gritty in the sand to capture your beautiful wedding day!


Huge shout out to the lovely ladies of the wedding party rockin' the purple like nobody's business!
Love, love, LOVE when a couple opts for a first look on their wedding day. The atmosphere of the day is so much more relaxed and allows for plenty of time for awesome photos in that relaxed environment.  
...and I get to give my couples photos like these. Love!

Oh Kristen, you go'on mamma!

Awesome wedding party with some of the best "swayers" I've seen there to the left of the picture haha! 

After the reception Kristin allocated some additional time for beach photos and I loooved her just a little bit more for it! I'm gaga for brides who are determined to make a way for great wedding photos.  
Work it out guuurl!

Kristin you are gorge! Nuff said!

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