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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

G Lab Experiment

My post processing is always very simple. Because, I'm a wedding photographer I try and keep it that way on purpose so that 20 years from now my couples can still have photos that are timeless and not aged by the Photoshop trends of the day. For that reason I don't normally apply heavy desaturations or textures or anything crazy to my images although I have seen some amazing photographers that have mastered that craft and make their images look absolutely stunning. Me however? I'm not that cool. 

The other day though, I snapped some photos for a good friend who I've known since she was practically a baby and who will be graduating High School this year.  Yes I know I'm friggin old. Anywho- after I got over feeling all prehistoric, I decided this would be a good opportunity for me to get scientific and "experiment" with some of the actions I don't normally use in my wedding post processing. My hypothesis was correct, I should stick to simple but ehh I still had fun! Thought I'd share some images from this experient here on the bloggity for ya'll to see.

All post processed with Totally Rad Actions Original and Revenge sets with the exception of the black and whites processed in Lightroom with Kiki Lightroom presets. Actions used were a mix of Bullet Tooth with tweaks to the Tweak option, TDW No glow, Cinammon Toast, Lux Hard, Lux Soft, Boutwell Magic Glasses, Pool Party, Ying Yang, Pro Retouch, Select-o Sharp aaaand I think that's it. :)  


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