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Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Object Friday: Target Trips and Nervous Breakdowns

For about the 16th time this week, I just came back from Target. I'm not sure what it was about this week but I found myself at Target for most if it. And today I nearly had a nervous breakdown in the ladies essentials section. You see I'm shooting an outdoor wedding tomorrow and the Summer weather here in SoCal has been, well, Summer weather here in SoCal. Meaning HOT. So yesterday I decided to wear a short dress tomorrow but in order to wear a short dress AND shoot a wedding I need to wear shorts underneath so as not to expose the goodies.

And you would think that a simple pair of black licra shorts would be about the simplest thing to purchase right? No. Not when I'm looking for them apparently. So first I went to Wal-Mart and spent half an hour looking before I finally asked the sweet little oriental lady working that section of the store if they carried them only to get a blank stare back followed by a confused "no". No? Ok, then Target should have them. So then I headed to Target. For the 16th time this week, did I mention that already? And I looked and looked and looked some more and nothing but pink sports bras and zebra panties is what I found. By this time I was beginning to, in the words of the old classic "White Chicks", get sooooo frikkkk'nn pisssssed. And this is where the minor nervous breakdown comes in. I mean I see the little things everywhere like aaallll the time. But somehow today though they've all dissapeared. In my last feeble attempt I went to the little girls section. Low and behold in the very back of a lone rack there they were. "Girls biker shorts". Yea, and all this time I was asking the store employees if they carried "bloomers". No wonder I confused them!  

So all Target had were sizes 7-10 in little girls. I was so tired of looking I just took them. I tried them on just now, in fact I'm attempting to wear them now. And yea, no I don't think they're gonna work. My thighs are not that of a 7-10 year old any more and no matter how much I suck it in my blood doesn't feel like it's quite circulating as it should. I might just have to take another trip back to Target tonight.

And speaking of Target, here are a few of the shopping results from the earlier trips I took there this week.

Happy Friday!

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