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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cynthia & John: Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas Engagement

She couldn't resist going to his show. Every day. And he knows it was only to watch him. At least that's the story John likes to tell. Cynthia will burst into laughs that affirm he's fibbing and tell him if he doesn't stop we'll believe him. Still he insists. His moves at the Disneyland acrobat show were ALL that, and Cynthia couldn't resist watching. 

Wether it was on stage or behind the scenes riding the Disneyland employee trolley where a mutual friend introduced them, their love sparked inside the brinks of the Happiest Place on Earth. I love it! Years and a move to Las Vegas later, John's moves still have Cynthia bedazzled and the two will make it official with an intimate wedding affair later this year.

Cynthia and John you guys rock! Really you do. Thank you so much for having Mario and I tag along on this little piece of your love story. We're so excited to see you guys decked out in your wedding gear!

Oh and PS, John you have the coolest friggin accent ever! You've made Mario and I crazy about taking a trip and vacationing in Kenya!


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