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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Spotlight: Showit Websites

I'm way overdue for another Spotlight post. Like waaay. A few months ago I started this mini series with the intention of highlighting the awesomeness of some of the vendors I work with who have contributed in their own unique way to shape my business into what it is today. You can check out previous Spotlight posts HERE and HERE. Today I want to highlight another. Just cause' I think it's the coolest and one of the BEST investments I've made this far.  

When I started my business, one of the very first things I decided was that alongside learning to shoot, I needed to start creating a brand for myself. An online presence for my clients to link my images too. For that I was going to need to start, ughhh how shall I say it, "thinking strategically". And if you know me personally you know that those are two words I highly disliked, (code for hated), from my previous nine to five days. Turns out, they really are needed folks! God bless my old job! 

So I've relentlessly stalked every photography business blog I could get ahold of and created a work in progress strategy for myself. But to have a solid online presence I needed, well, to display my business brand- online. And I decided a blog wasn't going to cut it for me. I needed a professional, super expensive, flash, makes me look cooler website. Minus the super expensive cause did I mention I was just starting out and had like nooo money?

Which leads me to Showit. In one of my many blog stalking expeditions I came accross their link. Showit offers photographers the tools needed to create a super high quality looking website at a fraction of the price it would cost to have a pro build it. They offer 100% customizable templates or you can just build your own from scratch like I did. Check out my site HERE if you haven't already. And really, you don't even need to be a pro designer to work their software. It's super simple! If you can navigate through Photoshop you can navigate through Showit. Don't want to go through the hassle of designing your own website? No problem. You can work with one of Showits designes or have a designer friend help you. It's that easy.  At only $39 a month for the software AND for hosting it's really a bargain. Hands down one of the best investements I've made.  And what's really cool about it is that anytime I want to add or change anything on my website I can just do it myself without having to pay someone a bunch of money to do it. I love it!

They've also recently added a cool feature which I can use to create custom websites for each of my clients. Totally adding an awesome touch to my packages. These "Plus Sites" are an extension of my own website so they completely reflect my brand and are awesome additions to help me make my clients feel as extra special as they are. Check out some of my most recent client plus sites HERE and HERE.

If you are a photographer looking to build your own pro website, I think it's definitley worth your time to pay the Showit site a visit. Wow this is a long post. And with no pictures either! I hope this was a little helpful to somebody out there and if not, I'm sorry about the super long unhelpful information-less post! And for all the typos!

Happy Tuesday!


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