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Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Object Friday: Nine to Five-Less

I sat on a tall barstool high chair at 12. Every day. I'd place my Topperware packed in a plastic grocery bag in front of me on a table, and as I looked through the window at the cars and the people, my sandwich would stare back at me reminding me of how much I envied them. The people. Outside. Taking in the sun on a Thursday afternoon without a care in the world. At least that's how it looked from where I sat. Oh sure I was grateful for my job. But really I longed to one day be free from the constraints of a nine to five and feel the sun on my face during working hours too. 

Fast forward a few months and insert photography and now I too have that provelidge. But between editing and website building and home life in between I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't taken full advantage of my nine to five-less time. So this week I decided that I would. From now I'm making a concious decision to drop by my mom's house to say hi on a Tuesday moning. Take a walk outside on a Monday. And enjoy the sun on a Thursday afternoon.

In honor of my first Thursday taking in the California sun, I went shopping. Seems like most of my deep life decisions are accompanied by this activity, but whatever. Here are the newest little additions to my beauty collection! :)

Happy Friday!


I loooved this bracelet and I'm rocking it to tomorrow's wedding!         

 I've never really paid much attention to Victoria's Secret line of makeup, but now that I have I'm deff going back for more. Great prices, super cute colors and even cuter packaging? I'm sold!
 And yes I finally bought my red lipstick! This one is from Napoleon and I loooved their "Anna" shade. 
 The one on the right is Lucious by Victoria Secret. This is a super cute nude shade that would go perfect with a smokey eye. I loved it!

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