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Monday, May 16, 2011

Made for Shoot'n

Finding cute and comfortable outfits to wear when shooting a wedding is easier said than done. Things are usually either cute OR comfortable. Perhaps I'm just choosy or maybe I'm just plain complicated- ok I AM complicated but whatever. On a wedding day I need cute plus the flexibility to bend, kneel, stretch and run among other things, without letting the God given goodies hang all out ma shirt. Those are hard outfits to find!

And when it comes to shoes? Oh sweet baby Jesus! That's even harder. For a height impaired gal like myself, a little heel is a must. But not too much heel because my feet end up pounding after standing all day! 

The other day I did a little double take in my closet when I saw these little babies. A gift from my mom. They usually don't see the light of day until winter but recently, they have become my most favorit-est shoe to shoot in! Pair them with some black leggings and a cute black top or dress and I'm gold. These boots? Totally made for shoot'n! 

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