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Thursday, May 26, 2011

GQ's: G Style Answers To Some Of Your Questions

During today's daily editing/Facebooking time, (yes they are one and the same for me), I came across a picture Mario took of me. I thought it would go perfectly to help answer some recent questions I've received from some of you. And then I thought "what a lovely Wednesday afternoon for another installment of GQ's!". So because my thoughts are the coolest, here it goes! Another installment of GQ's that is.

Most of the recent questions I've received have to do with post processing specifically in Lightroom and Photoshop. Most of them asking what I use specifically on my images. As I've mentioned before, I use Totally Rad Actions both the Original and Revenge sets. My process after a wedding goes something like this and it's worth noting that I'm no expert and I'm sure there are much better ways to process a wedding I just haven't found them yet so in the meantime this is what I do. I save and back up all of my RAW images. I cull a lightroom import in Bridge of the best images from the day.  I import to lightroom and make slight adjustments of exposure/light etc. All of my black and white conversions are also done in lightroom. I import in PSD format back into Bridge and from there I can open and edit in Photoshop and save as high-res JPEG's.

As I've also mentioned before I try to shoot correct exposure EVERT TIME or as much as I am able to inside my camera so that my post processing in lightroom and photoshop is minimal. For that I try and shoot in optimum lighting as much as I can. Here's an example: at my lastwedding I spotted some makeup and brushes I wanted to photograph while the bride was getting ready. Because the light where she was getting ready was flourecent lighting inside a bathroom I knew it wasn't going to photograph color well and instead it would photograph it orangy and warm and well, flourecent. I asked Ally, the makeup artist if I could borrow some of her makeup to photograph elsewhere and I took it to a spot in the house with perfect light and a cool wooden background.  

To my right was a large glass door which was open illuminating the area I was shooting in perfectly with natural outdoor light. Finding and placing my subjects in optimum light is how I shoot 80% of the time with the exception of the times I have no control of a situation like say a ceremony or special moments during the reception etc. For me, practicing this and training my eye to spot the best light helps tremendously with my post processing keeping my creative editing down to a minimum which is how I like it. My style is more natural true to life looking photography.  

Here are my images from the photo above:
 50mm 1.4 lens, f2.5, iso 200, 1/160 shutter post processing: slight vignette in lightroom, Totally Rad Actions TDR 9%, Super Fun Happy 7%, Boutwell Magic Glasses 15% 

 Happy Wednesday!


**Edit to note, today is NOT Wednesday! Thank's for having my back Mario that's why I heart you! :)

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