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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Georgiana & Steven: Hollywood Engagement

It was either because she was shy, or maybe a little too quiet. But definitely NOT because Georgiana was stuck up, although Steven will say otherwise. Not that he would know anyway, it's not like he sat behind her in class or anything. Oh wait-  Whatever it was, the love sparks just didn't quite fly for them. Not in high school anyway.  

Lucky for them some years later their mutual friend- Steven's best friend- needed a wingman. A wingman for Valentine's Day. To take out the friend of the girl he planned to date. Friend who just so happened to be the quiet girl from high school. Who also happened to be dateless on Valentines Day. So the designated wingman and quiet girl from high school both agreed on the Valentine's Day blind(ish) double date. And I bet they're glad they did because that night? Sparks flew! And they continue to fly today.

Georgiana & Steven I'm so excited to have your vintage inspired wedding ring in my wedding season next March! Your Hollywood engagement session was a blast and I hope you didn't get home with as many mosquito bites as me! Thank you for rocking my camera and for being so awesome in front and behind it!


Looooved the light bouncing off of this staircase by the Chinese Theatre!

I tell my brides that dolling up the makeup a little more than usual translates very nicely in photos, but Georgiana you burr-ought it girl, your makeup rocked! And I loved it!   

Steven went shopping for new shoes and Georgiana came up too! My kinda girl!

Steven proposed inside the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store at El Capitan. He had one of the baristas place the ring on top of a sundae before he got down on one knee so you know we had to snap some shots in there! 

Quick wardrobe change and we headed to Runyon Canyon for the rest of the shoot. Oh and word of advice, if you want to shoot there, allocate plenty of time to look for parking! And bring mosquito repellent haha!
To the Georgiana on the right, work it girl, you go wich-ur rawr self!

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