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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arlene & Adam: Los Angeles Wedding

I promise to take care of you...and to leave the TV on the same channel for at least 20 minutes before changing it. In the presence of their families and loved ones, Adam articulated his vows into a microphone as Arlene stared up intently. Hands folded in front of her. Teary eyed and smiling. With more than one occasional burst of outright laughter. And I promise NEVER to buy you expired candy for our anniversary again. But most of all I promise to to take care of you and to always, always love you. 

As one of Arlene's friends put it on Facebook, Arlene and Adam are a bunch of crazies! And that I was certain of by the end of their engagement session. Crazy fun to be around and crazy in love with each other. To say that Mario and I enjoyed photographing their wedding day would be an understatement. Of the colossal type. On their wedding day we were merely friends with nice cameras following them around. And we loved it!

Arlene and Adam we can't begin to tell you just how much fun we had with you guys and we can't thank you enough for making us feel like part of your family. Like extended cousins taking your photo. Nothing but the best-est wishes to you both from the bottom of our little hearts in your new chapter as husband and wife together, in your careers, with Arlene's medical school endeavors and with everything else in your lives. Oh and P.S., we are definitely taking you up on your offer to hit you guys up next time were in the Bay Area so you can show us around your hood lol! 


Started off the day with some Badgley Mischka.     

Miss Ally was on hand for hair and makeup. Her work always brings a touch of awesome to a wedding day. And to my photos!

Oh Arlene, just stop it! You are too gorgeous.

He swore he wouldn't cry. But moments before he walked his daughter down the aisle and as she stood at a distance from them Arlene's father turned to Mario and said with tears in his eyes, just look at my daughter. She looks like a beautiful mermaid.

A HUGE shout out to all the lovely ladies in the bridal party! Lulu, Carmen, Veronica, Carmen number two and all the rest of ya'll! You all rock!

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