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Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Object Friday: 3G

Until recently, I owned a Verizon Palm Treo. What was that? Oh, you don't know what that is? Well don't worry, neither does the rest of modern society. I'll fill you in though, it's- a-phone. An oh so, it was probably cool in the early two-thousands, phone. I dubbed it my brick. Because really it was that thick. Well almost.

You see up until a few weeks ago I was a very simple girl, with simple needs. I needed and used my phone for solely the intended purpose it was first created which was, well, to talk. To people. Oh and occassionally text them too. And then I had a meeting with one of my 2012 wedding couples. I can't remember why I took my phone out but I did. Oh the shock. I'm sure my Verizon working and latest gadget carrying groom pittied me at the sight of my brick. He said I shouldn't worry though, I could put my phone to good use the next time I needed to accesorize a vintage shoot. I quickly forgave him for that comment though, after he offered to hook me up with a brand spanking new iPhone 3G, bless his heart! Really, I have the best couples ever!      

So now, I have about 2 apps on my phone which still speaks to all of my modern tech- savyness, AND I can't live without my GPS. Oh, and I'm working hard on weaning Mario off of Angry Birds because since he got hooked up with the iPhone too, he is now app and Angry Bird crazy.

Here are a few shots of my iPhone. And PS if you see me still carrying it around 5 to 7 years from now, I'm sorry. I'm a creature of habit!


Aww, yeea!

Told you I had like 2 apps lol. Don't hate!
Wow 22 mail messages, I'm so popular! Not really, I just need to figure out how to check them haha

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