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Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Object Friday: Poppin' Pills

So remember a few weeks ago when I got sick from something I ate and then Mario put me on a torturous three day no food consumption fast he read about online to detox my stomach and then I lost like 10 pounds? No? Well, you can read about here if you'd like.

Anyway, I thought I had gotten better but then the bad symptoms of which I will spare you the details for my sake and yours, persisted. I had gone to my doctor in the past about similar symptoms but he said I was fine and just recommended Pepcid AC or something of the like. Clearly, I needed a second opinion, so recently and in light of my recent stomach bug experience, I decided to give alternative medicine a try. And I'm so glad I did!

After my appointment with a Quantum Health Celebrations practitioner he told me exactly what I had. And you wanna know what it was? Really? A nasty, filthy, stinking, disgusting parasite! Cohabitating in my large intestine! Disgusto!! And why I'm sharing this with the world wide web, I don't know. But whatever.

So now, the doc' has me poppin' more pills than some of the kids I went to continuation school with. Yes continuation, don't ask. After only 2 weeks on the treatment about 85% of my symptoms are gone. I have four more weeks to go but I'm pretty confident that by then I'll be completely parasite free! 

Here's a few I snapped of my drugs for this weeks post. Happy Friday!

 And this right here is the parasite annihilator. Yes the label is correct. I have to take 23 of these babies a day!

 This one here is to help with my mood along with some other things. Mario says it's not working.


  1. You went to continuation because you were a chola remember? LOL!!! jk jk

  2. Haha! George Lopez voice "I know huuu??" lol

  3. yeah...member? You member? hah!


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