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Friday, April 22, 2011

Random Object Friday: The Gift (bag) That Keeps on Giving!

If you've ever received a gift from me, chances are not everything I gave you was new. The actual gift yes, cause really I'm ghetto but not THAT ghetto, but the gift bag? And tissue? Probably a re-gift. A really, really cute and kept in prime condition to re-gift, re-gift.

I blame my mother. As a kid she taught us to conserve. Like CON-SERVE! When we were running out of dish soap at our house we would put water in the container until the last bit of suds were used up. Then and only then would we buy a new bottle. I'm not sure if that was cause we were poor or just cause we were Mexican. It was probably both. And I think that explains why I still do the same thing when I'm running low on conditioner. It's been engraved in my psyche! For that reason, I have a conservation cabinet in my kitchen cupboard. And in it I conserve gift bags and tissue from past gifts we have received so that we are well stalked for the next birthday party. Or wedding, baby shower, barmitzvah, whatever.

So I should forewarn you, if I show up to your birthday party with a Verizon bag accented with cute tissue don't get all excited. I'ts probably a body spray and lotion set disguised as a cool electronic gadget. And I will likely not put a "to" "from" tag on it and be gone before it's time to open the presents. Haha, just kidding, I'm really not THAT ghetto!

Happy Friday!


This one here has been with us since my Dad's 50th. It's been passed back and forth from generation to generation, not really, but a few weeks ago it came back to our house for Mario's birthday. Still in prime condition to withstand a few more re-gifts haha!
My rule of thimb is if it only has minor tears in it it's still good!

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