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Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Object Friday: Easter Deliciousness

Life is better with cupcakes. It just is! And if you're sick of hearing the word cupcakes on this blog, I'm sorry. But get over it! Haha jk.

I met with Bea from Sweet Bea's Cakes earlier this week and was pleasantly reminded it was almost Easter- with a freshly baked batch of cupcakes especially for me! Yet another reason I was thankful for the resurection of Jesus!

So I did what I almost always do when cute cupcakes are in my presence. Why I took their picture of course! Thought I'd share them for this week's random object Friday. As an FYI, it's HARD to eat cupcakes that are this cute. It's almost like destroying a little mini work of art. But somebody had to do it and I'm glad it was me!

Happy almost Easter!


 Something I LOVE about Bea is her keen attention to the littlest details.
 ...even the smallest stitch on the cupcakes toppers was perfect!

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