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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paper Hearts

I turned slightly emo today. But I held back the urge to throw my unwashed hair in my face and wear black clothes like the kids from the high school across the street, cause' it wasn't that type of emo. No, mine was much less suicidal. And I have you to thank for that. The whole non-suicidal emo thing, I mean.  

I started thinking of the things you do that make me feel this way. The little things. The things that scream I love you without screaming. And I decided to make a list. You know, just to remind myself. And to tell you that even when you don't think I notice, I do. I really, really do.  When you soak your cups in water after you drink milk because you know how much I hate scrubing out the sticky gunk, I notice. When we fall asleep on the couch and the next morning you fluff the pillows and put away the blanket so that I, the fluff police won't have to, I notice. When you let me use your socks because I refuse to buy my own, and you don't complain when I annouce I've lost a few pairs to the black hole in the dryer, I notice.

And when you leave paper hearts on top of my laptop that make me turn slightly emo and subsequently make me write emo posts on this blog, I really do notice. And I love you all the more. Thank you for doing life with me!


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